Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As The Years Go On..

As I get older I realise that I have learnt and continue to learn so much.  I seem to think more.  There is always thoughts in my head about why things are they way they are.  In between insane moments of my busy days I think about how important it is to take time to enjoy all the special little things in life.  Simple things, like how good my hot coffee tastes on a cold winter morning or stopping in my tracks to trace the cloud scatter with my eyes on a beautiful afternoon sunset.  I have considered lately how fast life seems to be slipping past everyone.  It really does just seem to be getting busier. 

Around the age of 30, a feeling I had inside began to grow.  A feeling that I wanted to seek more, do more and be more.  I always have lists scribbled down on pieces of paper of things I want to accomplish.  However, often those pieces of paper seemed to join all the other pieces of paper in the bills pile and they would be forgotten about {the lists - not the the bills}.   Things have begun to change though.  Things I have written on those lists are happening.  I am making sure they are and it feels good.

It's funny what the power of a saying has and one saying that has really reminded me to stop doubting myself and reach for my dreams has been 'Believe you can'.  I came across a bracelet online in America which was stamped with those exact words.  Now when I wear it I am constantly reminded to believe in myself. 

For the first time in a long time I have stopped myself from being the only person stopping me to achieve all I wish for.  I have decided to shoot for the stars.  Because even if I fall I'll land amoung the stars.

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