Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Well another weekend has past by and we are well into another week.  Our weekend was good. As David had to work on Saturday I stayed home most of the day with the kids getting 'stuff' done, until the afternoon when we took the scooters to the park for a ride and had a play.

So when Sunday morning rolled around we were really ready for the family time to begin.
We kept up with tradition and enjoyed a yummy cooked breakfast.  This time banana pancakes were on the menu. They were delish!
Then it was time to get dressed and head off for the day.

First stop the Brisbane Boggo Road Urban Village Markets.
The market is held at the area just outside the former Boggo Road Prison.  It was a maximum security prison back in the day which opened in July 1883 and closed in November 1989.  Recently their has been a multi million refurbishment of the area outside the jail.  However, you can still feel the history of the jail itself.

There is a mix of things at the market from handmade goodies, to seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, breads, deli items and more.

Nikolas and Mia both had their face painted.

We bought a big box of fruit and vegetables and some delicious muscles, smoked salmon and cheeses.  We also got a couple of sweet little presents for a friend's birthday and Mia had to choose a gorgeous owl cushion for her bed of course.

We then headed into the City for a drive.  It was such a nice change from the Gold Coast.

We wanted to show the kids the Kangaroo Point Cliffs so we sat and just watched for a while.

The kids played while we chatted away sitting in the sun.

We decided the best way to warm up was to all enjoy a coffee at a cafe with the best view in town.

The afternoon was filled with a stop at the shops, a quick lunch at home, a trip out on the boat fishing until sunset, then home for seafood chowder.

Our weekend was full to the brim and it kind of felt like we had competed in some sort of family adventures extreme sports event.  We went to bed early that night, exhausted but happy.


  1. Holy heck Cassie, I would sleep until Wednesday if my Sunday was that busy!!! Great pictures, you just need to include some of your smiling face! X

  2. Holy fit all of that into ONE day!!!??? AWESOME!!! Love it.
    Busy, but a good busy!
    Love your weekend posts.