Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Little Lost ....

Apologies for my lack of blogging lately.  Things have just been so crazy busy and something just had to give.  Unfortunately it was my sweet little blog.  I have missed spending time writting and going through photos but it has been hectic and I had to find a few things to cross of my list that would give me just a little more time each day.

However, since I last popped by here we have had family travel down to see us, my business .... Dreamy Creations has been really busy, Mia has finished step to prep and started swimming lessons again, Nikolas is now limping after almost breaking his toe and visiting the hospital, David has been working very hard on getting things done around the outside of the house and there is partridge in a pear tree. {Just kidding on the last one!}.

I have been thinking alot about how I can make changes to our life to make things run alot smoother around here.  Because at the moment things just aren't working too well.  I am making plans on a little re-structuring.  I have asked my friends and other work from home mummas for their advice and tried to take all of their ideas on board.  And because every family works differently, it's taking a little time to work out what works best for us.

Already I can see a change and I like the way it's headed. 

Wish us luck!!!!

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