Thursday, September 20, 2012

It Really Is Love ....

From the moment Nikolas first laid on eyes on Mia back in November 2007, it was love.  Infact if I am being totally honest, Nikolas loved her before she was even born. Even though we didn't know what we were having (only my Mum did) Nikolas always knew it was a girl. And told us so! 

The very moment they first met at the hospital on 1 November 2007.  That moment was so very special to me!
I guess he felt a connection right from the very beginning. 

And over the years as they get older the dynamic continues to change between them.  Nowadays, they fight alot more.  But they really do love each other.

You can just tell by the way they pause for extra long goodbyes with each other at the morning school drop off.  They hug, kiss and say "I love you, have a good day".  And even though that happens every school day, it doesn't get old to me, my heart melts every time.

As well as being brother and sister, they are the best of friends too.  And I never want that to change.

They laugh themselves silly sometimes, they fight over sharing, they bicker about whose turn it is next, they play together, they craft and draw together and love hard for each other.

Nikolas really is a fantastic big brother and loves to teach Mia everything he knows.  It is very special.

I hope they will always share that special bond as the years pass by.  I know they will fight but I hope they get over it five minutes later and continue on with being best friends.

That's what I wish for them!


  1. Hi Cassie! Just stopped by to say hi and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Oh my word - your children are SO beautiful! I loved your post! Isn't the sibling love the best? It's one of my favorite things about being a mom. That picture with them on the grass and your son's head is on your daughter's shoulder is PRICELESS. Almost made me want to cry! One to frame for sure. So nice to "meet" you! :)

    1. Hi Erin! I am so so happy you have stopped past to say hello. That makes me very happy :). Thanks so much for your lovely compliments to about Nikolas and Mia. Sibling love is gorgeous and I agree, it's a wonderful part of being a Mum. I hope you stop by alot more here to say hello. Cassie xx

  2. What a beautiful post! Loving you blog, so glad i found it!

    Kay xxx

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