Monday, July 16, 2012

The Snail House {Bookworm Club ~ Part 1}

I am linking up to the July Bookworms {Part 1 - Insects & bugs} with my friend Claire over at Scissors Paper Rock!

I often take the kids to the library to borrow a stack of books that we can read together snuggled up in bed at night.  So when the challange came around to be a part of the Kids Bookworm Club, I thought it would be the perfect activity to do with my kids!

So off we went again to the local library and we came across a lovely story called the 'The Snail House'.  It's an adorable story filled with adventure when a brother and sister {perfect} shrink down really small and go for a ride in a real snail house.

So far we have enjoyed reading the book together. 

But, there is something very special about the fact that Nikolas can read to his little sister.

I love the fact that Mia loves books just as much as her big brother.

They make a great team!

Over the next few weeks we will be doing some follow up activities related to bugs and insects and I will be sharing them on here for you to see too.



  1. I love books!!! and fortunately like your kidslets, my boys love reading too.

    I wish i could get to the library more often though.

    look forward to more posts from your bookworm club.
    Love Kate xxx

  2. This book looks FAB Cass. I haven't read it before - another good thing about this 'club' is finding new book inspiration :))
    Thanks for joining in. I can't wait to see your follow up adventures with Mia & Nikolas.