Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Up Of Tea ....

Children have the knack of watching and learning from all that you do when you don't even know they are watching.

They really are very clever.

At night when everything is done and we are finally taking time out to relax, we will enjoy a hot drink.  Coffee almost every night but sometimes tea.  Each night I place our mugs onto saucers so that I can put them down without any chance of them leaving a mark on the furniture.

Well ........ haven't I created two little people that also like to now have their hot drinks served on saucers. 

If we have a busy morning and I am in a rush making their mugs of hot drinks ......... I am kindly reminded that I forgotten their saucers!

They have watched us have our hot drinks this way, so now they always want to do the same.

This is what our Sunday morning looked like.

When Nikolas was little and he would ask for a 'Up of Tea' when ever I was making a hot drink. It was the cutest thing! 

And Mia is a little biscuit dipper. If she has a cup of tea she must have a cookie to dip into it {just like her daddy}. 

Those crazy kids of ours ....

Happy Sunday.

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