Monday, July 23, 2012

Country Road Trip ....

Yesterday afternoon we went on a mini road trip to the place I took many a Sunday drive with my family as a kid {Tamborine Mountain}.  The air was cool and crisp and the sunlight looked almost magical shining through all the trees. 

It was so nice to share with the kids the place that I grew to love as a kid and also take them on some of the same adventures.  We have taken them there before but it was a few years ago and now they are that little bit older they were excited to also discover things for themselves too.

We stopped at one of the many roadside stalls for some delicious avocados.

There really is just something about fruit and vegetable stalls  with an honesty box for payment.  It feels so old fashioned and lovely.

We always try to do something together as a family on at least one day of the weekend.  I believe that it's so important for the kids to grow up and learn how special it is to have family time.

We did stop off at the Tamborine Mountain Bakery {est. 1924} for lunch.  The food was really yummy so we stocked up on fresh bakery bread for home too.

I am really not sure what they mean in the photo below .... 

As usual, someone is always being silly ;).

The view to world below is always spectacular.  At sunset it takes your breath away.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent together in a lovely place.  I am going back very soon during the week to discover some more with the kids.

I feel inspired this week after our visit to the mountain.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Happy Monday!


  1. Oh so lovely.
    Family time is so important to me too. And on weekends when we don't get it {like this past one} I crave it even more as the next week rolls on.
    HAAAAA love the gingerbread man with one eye....CUTE!!!!
    Have a great week x
    P.S. I'm itching to get up to Tamborine again soon. One of my blog readers emailed me about a month ago saying there is a fairy shop up the top that she thinks Ella will love :)))

    1. Do I sense a weekday road trip to Tamborine coming along???!!! x

  2. Love a fab bakery too. Infact we are fresh back from our local one. Ethan is at Kindy so it's treat day for Eli, he chose a lamington and I grabbed some fresh multigrain bread for some morning toast.
    Followed you over from Lovely Living :)