Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend Traditions ....

Our weekends always consist of so many different things but there are a couple of things that always remain the same.  No alarm clock and a cooked breakfast on Sunday mornings.

We never plan who will cook or what time we will have breakfast.  It's just always worked out that who ever gets up first in the morning after a sleep in, will usually be the one who cooks.  I guess it's just an unwritten rule.

I love Sunday mornings, just our little family, enjoying all the morning has to offer with full bellies and usually a read of the paper too.

However, this morning I was first to rise and I know it's only Saturday, but I wanted to make a lovely breakfast for my family.

I didn't put too much thought into it, I just starting cooking.

It smelt delicious cooking away! 

Winter mornings are made that much nicer when you enjoy a cooked breakfast.

And we sat outside overlooking the mountain and watched the world pass us by.  It was yummy! 

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  1. Ok, I'm coming over your place for weekend breaskfasts from now on :) Beats the weetbix, rasin toast and juice we had this morning LOL!!