Monday, September 17, 2012

Little One ....

I think alot about Mia starting prep next year.  I think about how my days will feel so different without a little one around.  It has been that way for so long and I know it will take a while to get used to.
I am going to savour all I can between now and the end of January and have decided to capture the precious moments her and I share before she heads off to big school.

On the days Mia doesn't have kindy and after we take Nikolas to school, I love the fact that she can hang in pajamas for as long as she wishes.

I love the fact that we can enjoy our cups and tea and coffee together and have a chat about what our day will bring. Cheers!

Today Mia has told me she would like to read books with me and cut out and colour bunnies!  So that is what we shall do! Happy Monday!



  1. Sounds like a perfect Monday!! Cheers!
    Our girls don't start fulltime school next year! They just don't! :)
    P.S. I have a very similar post lined up for this week :) great minds think alike :)

    1. It was a pretty good Monday Claire! We made in and around our busy day to enjoy our hot drinks and chat, paint our fingernails, read books, do bunny craft and learn from her workbook. I love days like that. Cassie x

  2. So cute...I need a pair of those PJs in my size!